'Tis the season (to talk taxes)

Now that the tax bill is final, we thought an overview of some of its key provisions would be helpful. For those inclined to read it, here is the full text of the bill and the committee summary. Please seek professional advice if you are looking for guidance on your own taxes and read this bulletin from the City of Summit regarding prepayment of property taxes. Continue reading

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

WHOSE FAULT IS IT ANYWAY? The alarming increase in government spending and taxation in Union County (NJ) [DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION (MOBILE FRIENDLY)] Since 2010, Union County has increased taxes and government spending at an alarming and unprecedented rate.  According to this year’s county budget, the total county tax levy is expected to be $354.8 million for fiscal year 2017.  That’s a staggering $77.4 million higher than it was in 2010.  For comparison, Union County’s tax levy has increased more than 3x faster than taxes in neighboring Morris County (up $23.1 million) and nearly 1.5x faster than in Essex County (up $53.96 million) over that same period.  The growth in Union County’s tax levy dwarfs that of even the highest taxed municipalities in the state.  The City of Summit has increased its combined municipal and school tax levy by 8.4% since 2010—the county has increased its tax levy 3x that rate. Continue reading

Candidate Q&A - Ward 1

Summit Common CouncilWard 1John Dougherty (R) + Matt Gould (D) Candidate Q&A - Ward 2Candidate Q&A - At-Large   Continue reading

Candidate Q&A - Ward 2

Summit Common CouncilWard 2Marjorie Fox (D) + Mike Wattick (R) Candidate Q&A - Ward 1Candidate Q&A - At-Large   Continue reading

Candidate Q&A - At-Large

Summit Common CouncilAt-LargeDavid Dietze (R) + Beth Little (D) Candidate Q&A - Ward 1Candidate Q&A - Ward 2   Continue reading

Hear from the Candidates for Summit Common Council

The election for Summit Common Council is just weeks away -- election day is November 7th and early voting is already underway!  Last month, Summit Taxpayers Association President Khurram Dara sent the following questions to the candidates for Summit Common Council.  We'll share candidate responses this week on our blog and mailing list, stay tuned! The candidates are: Ward 1 - John Dougherty (R) and Matthew Gould (D); Ward 2 - Marjorie Fox (D) and Michael Wattick (R); At-Large - David Dietze (R) and Beth Little (D).       Continue reading