Hear from the Candidates for Summit Common Council

The election for Summit Common Council is just weeks away -- election day is November 7th and early voting is already underway!  Last month, Summit Taxpayers Association President Khurram Dara sent the following questions to the candidates for Summit Common Council.  We'll share candidate responses this week on our blog and mailing list, stay tuned! The candidates are: Ward 1 - John Dougherty (R) and Matthew Gould (D); Ward 2 - Marjorie Fox (D) and Michael Wattick (R); At-Large - David Dietze (R) and Beth Little (D).





  1. New Jersey has the highest property tax burden in the nation and Summit is among the highest taxed municipalities in the state.  If elected, where would reducing property taxes rank among your policy priorities?

  2. Are there changes in local tax policy (e.g. decreases, incentives, etc.) you believe can help revitalize and grow the Downtown?

  3. Nationally, only New York, Alaska and D.C. spend more per student on K-12 education than New Jersey. In Summit last year, our school district spent $19,782 per student (the state average was $20,385). Going forward, should we spend more, less or roughly the same on K-12 education?

  4. Summit shoulders more of the county tax burden (per household) than any other municipality in Union County.  As a reference point, despite having comparable population sizes, Union County levies over $100 million more in taxes than Morris County does.  Do you believe Summit gets its fair share of services from the county?  Would you support efforts to reduce county taxes and spending?